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How It Works

Step 1:

Request your lab tests through your physician or a direct-to-consumer lab test service.

Step 2:

Upload your test results into Lab Test Analyzer

Step 3:

Receive easy to read reports explaining your expansive lab results and detailing the ways to optimize your health through adjustments in lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation.

Unlock critical information hidden in your test results


Fully Understand Each Lab Test

The app explains in clear language everything you need to know about each test and why your doctor likely ordered it.



Learn about the health implications of each of your test results including the relevant high-normal, low-normal, abnormal, and optimal explanations.


Track Your
Health Trends

Head off disease before it occurs and learn if your health interventions are actually working.


Diet, Lifestyle, and Supplement Suggestions

Lab Test Analyzer provides personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to help optimize your health based on your labs.



We look well beyond the normal ranges, applying the latest peer-reviewed research to identify optimal ranges to lower the risk of death and disease. Available for more than 100 of the most common lab tests.


Over 250 Lab Markers

Lab Test Analyzer provides unlimited access to analyzing any of our 250 markers, with more being added all the time. For a full list of available lab tests, click here. If we don’t have a marker, paid members can request them to be added to our database.

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Health Goals Supported by Lab Test Analyzer

Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Complete Blood Count
Vitamin B3 (nicotinamide and nicotinic acid)
Vitamin B6
Folate (whole blood and RBC)
Vitamin B12
Active Vitamin B12
Vitamin D (1,25 and 25-OH)
Vitamin E
Zinc (blood and RBC)
Iron (serum, TIBC, and Ferritin)

Free T3
Total T3
Free T4
Total T4
Reverse T3
Thyroglobulin antibodies
Thyroid receptor antibodies

Salivary cortisol
Sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone)
Magnesium (RBC and blood)

Vitamin D3
Thyroid panel
Inflammation Markers


Complete Blood Count
Liver Enzymes (ALT, AST, ALP, GGT)
Blood sugar
Uric Acid
Thyroid Hormones
8-hydroxydeoguanosine (8-OHdG)

Estrogens (E1, E2, E3, total)
Testosterone (free, bioavailable, total)
Thyroid panel

Blood sugar
Cholesterol (HDL and LDL)
Omega-3 (DHA, EPA, omega-3 index)
Small LDL

Growth Hormone
Sex hormones
Comprehensive metabolic panel
Complete blood count
Lipid panel
Thyroid panel

Active B12

Intestinal Permeability Test


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"I have been looking for a tool to track trends in blood labs. It has been helpful in tracking down a cause to a couple of health concerns."


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Health Aficionado
12 month plan 28% discount
Unlimited access to over 400 markers
Full layperson-friendly description and interpretations of your lab tests
Optimal ranges
Health trends
Diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations
Prioritized new marker requests
Full access to future features
Health Enthusiast
6 month plan
Unlimited access to over 400 markers
Full layperson-friendly description and interpretations of your lab tests
Optimal ranges
Health trends
Diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you join Lab Test Analyzer with a 6 or 12-month subscription, you'll get:

  • Access to almost 400 blood, saliva, and urine tests, with more being added constantly (view list here)

  • Information about each of the tests with detailed science-based explanations of what your values mean

  • Optimal ranges for many of our markers

  • Evidence-based natural lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations that will help you get back into optimal health

  • Tracking your test results in a graphical interface

  • PDF reports you can share with your doctor/ patients

At SelfHacked, we’ve seen over 1,200 clients with complex chronic health problems. We find that our most successful clients take charge of their health, by seeking to understand what’s going on and taking action on the diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that are necessary for them to get healthy. The current medical industry discourages it, especially when medical visits are so short that doctors do not have the time to explain every single lab test to you.

Lab Test Analyzer brings together all the available information about ab tests from medical literature, including the information that may have become available after your doctor graduated from medical school. Not only do we explain what the labs are, but we also explain to you the reasons why they’re ordered and what your results mean to you. In addition, you will also have a list of both natural and medical options to improve your health based on your lab results, which you can implement in consultation with your doctor.

More often than not, if you’re struggling with some health issues that the doctors cannot pinpoint, you may have normal but suboptimal results. Understanding which of your test results are suboptimal can often give you insights into what’s malfunctioning in your body, even when you don’t have a diagnosis yet. For several of our customers, these insights led them to become successful health detectives for themselves.

Normal ranges are usually values that 95% of healthy people fall into. They help doctors diagnose issues and decide on treatments. But normal ranges don’t tell you what’s optimal for your health and longevity. They don’t take into account large population research looking into the risks for disease and mortality. And, in some cases, they are created using populations that contain lots of unhealthy individuals, and therefore don’t reflect health at all.

Some softwares and alternative practitioners will offer optimal ranges, but these are often arbitrary values in the middle of the normal range. We have done the actual research to identify the levels with the lowest risk of disease and mortality for our optimal ranges. And if your levels are suboptimal, Lab Test Analyzer will give practical lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations to help you get back on track.

Markers are single tests such as hemoglobin, vitamin D, or LDL cholesterol. We call them markers (short for biomarkers) because they indicate (mark) the degree of health/disease in our bodies.

Normal ranges may differ somewhat based on the laboratory doing the analyses and the methods they are using. Normal ranges for some markers may also differ geographically.

More importantly, we provide optimal ranges, as well as normal ranges; and optimal ranges are not given by the majority of labs. Then again, many sources will claim to provide optimal ranges, but these will mostly be arbitrary values within the normal range. Our optimal ranges are based on extensive research into scientific studies focused on longevity and reduced incidence of disease. And we provide references for all our research! You can read up on our references by following the links provided in the app in the following format: [R].

Yes, our web app service is available worldwide. We have both US and international units available, so you can use lab results from any given country. If you can’t find your units, let us know by contacting Customer Support, and we will add them as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. You can create PDFs of all of your uploaded lab tests, containing links to the scientific research, and share them with your doctor/patients.

We take your privacy seriously. We use secure data encryption and employ many layers of privacy protection internally, including:

  • Limiting our employee access to identifiable personal health information, including your name, health condition, email addresses, test results, and treatments you’ve had

  • Only collecting necessary information to provide you the services. For example, we do not collect social security numbers or home addresses

  • Your payment information is collected and handled by reputable payment processors, including Stripe and PayPal, and are not stored with us

We do not sell any of your information, nor do we have any outside partnerships that involve sharing your data.

We are adding new markers/tests to our app weekly. You can request a marker or a unit you'd like to see in the app by contacting Customer Support, and we will prioritize it.

We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with Lab Test Analyzer, kindly email within the first 30 days of your account signup, and we will promptly issue a refund.

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