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Lab Test Analyzer is your digital health advisor, making recommendations based on our analysis of your lab results.

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"We have a number of patients who keep track of these things manually"

How It Works

We give you high-quality, science-backed information about your personal lab test results. Standard lab tests work based on "normal" ranges, which only tell you if you're not sick. At Lab Test Analyzer, we've spent thousands of hours determining the true optimal ranges for health - and we'll tell you what you need to do to get there.


Get Your Labs

Acquire your labs from your healthcare providers (i.e LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Alere, etc.) for data analysis. For a more thorough experience, we suggest present and past lab tests for accurate interpretation and risk assessment of various illnesses

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Input Your Data

It’s time to start analyzing, input all data values for your test of interest. Data values will be stored on file for future viewing. You may enter in new values as they become available for an up-to-date analysis

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Analyze, Track, Report

Once your data is uploaded, Your results will provide you with personalized recommendations, lifestyle changes and tips to help improve your values. These results can be monitored over time and shared with your healthcare providers.

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Your body has a lot to tell you,
Now you can finally start listening...

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Unlimited access to over
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Deep dive into
Lab Test Analyzer

100+ Biomarkers

100+ Biomarkers

Get clear and layman-friendly explanations, science-based optimal values, and actionable health advice.

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

Easy to use, with options to tailor and customize the product to fit your needs and personal goals.

Cutting Edge Science

Cutting-Edge Science

Access the latest research that has yet to reach clinical practice. With SelfHacked's Optimal RangeTM, you can optimize your quality of life and longevity.

Easy To Share

Easy To Share

Print your reports (complete with scientific references) and share them with your physician.

Keeping Track

Keeping Track

Now you can track your progress as you change your lifestyle and supplement regimes. An easy way to know if what you are doing or taking is working!

Customized Health Tips

Customized Health Tips

Get lifestyle and supplement advice that meets your individual needs.

Features in the Pipeline...
Lab Test Recommender

Lab Test Recommender

If you don't know where to start, our Lab Test Assistant can suggest the best tests for you based on your symptoms.

A Link To Your Genes

A Link To Your Genes

Genes can influence your lab results. Get the most personalized and accurate information by combining our LTA and SelfDecode platforms!

Health Reports

Health Reports

Get a more comprehensive overview of how well the various processes in your body are working.

Start analyzing!

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Still have a few questions?

Here are just a few of the things people frequently ask about Lab Test Analyzer.

If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us.

When you join Lab Test Analyzer today, you will get a 6-month pass to Lab Test Analyzer, which includes:

  • Over 300 tests, view listed here

  • Reference ranges for all and SelfHacked™ optimal ranges for many of our markers

  • Tracking your test results in a graphical interface

  • Evidence-based natural health recommendations based on your lab test results


By joining now, you are an early adopter of the Lab Test Analyzer, which means:

  • You are locking in the early adopter pricing, as our price will increase when we introduce more features and add more markers in the near future

  • You help make the Lab Test Analyzer more awesome by suggesting features and markers to be added to the Lab Test Analyzer

Lab Test Analyzer does not directly take lab tests, you will need to get your tests done either through your doctors or by purchasing your tests through a direct-to-consumer lab test service. Then, you enter your lab results into Lab Test Analyzer in order to get the analysis done.

Yes, this is a web app service that is available in all countries. We have both US and IS units available, so you can use lab results from any given country. If you can’t find your units, let us know in our Feedback & Support section, and we will add them as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. By using our PDF Exporter tool you are able to document and print all of your uploaded lab tests to be shared with your doctors.

We take your privacy seriously. We use secure data encryption and employ many layers of privacy protection internally, including:

  • Limiting our employee access to identifiable personal health information, including your name, health condition, email addresses, test results, and treatments you’ve had

  • Only collecting necessary information to provide you the services. For example, we do not collect social security numbers and home addresses

  • Your payment information is collected and handled by reputable payment processors, including Stripe and PayPal, and are not stored with us


We do not sell any of your information, nor do we have any outside partnerships that involve sharing your data.

Currently, we have over 100 of the most common lab tests in our database for your use, and we are continually adding more tests and features. Click here to see a list of markers we are including.

We’ve designed the LTA to be user-friendly and as accessible as possible, so you don’t need to be a tech geek to use it.

You will need a computer and any modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari or Mircrosoft Edge to use the LTA. Currently, we do not support mobile devices.